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Alpha Testimony

Early in October 2019 I rang a friend from a hospital bed and shamefully uttered the words ‘It’s happened again, I don’t know what to do anymore’. I had made yet another unsuccessful attempt to end my life. My friend simply replied ‘Becka, I just wish you would open your heart to God’. That sentence […]

‘The spivy fare dodging Pastor’

Berwick upon Tweed September 2020 The following is an extract of a letter that I wrote to Nicky Gumbel, the contents of which are pretty much self-explanatory. Why is it here? Well Jonathan asked me to post it on the website as a testament to my faith….something that I have no problem doing. So please […]

Waypoint— “Silver Generation”—- and Lockdown!

As I am of a “certain age”, and have no family nearby, Waypoint Church people have become my family. This has been so evident during the current lockdown. I’ve spent most of my life looking after other people—as a mother, as a carer of people with mental health problems, and as a leader in several […]

The Fathers love… breaks through

My name is Robert, I was raised catholic by my grandparents, until recently well more like January time this year I dismissed all notions about religion and God. I am a military man and felt strongly as I blamed God for my losses both personally and professionally. I met Amy and she told me about […]

Drawn …

After I finished university last year, I moved back home to Coldingham. One day, my mum said she had been told about a new Church in Berwick called Waypoint Church and that’s all the information she had about it. I had stopped going to church whilst at University and had lost touch with my faith, […]