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At Waypoint Church we see Baptism as an important spiritual marker, but it does not make us Christians or automatically members of a worshipping community.

Baptism is an outward sign of an inward truth: that we have ‘died’ to our old life and decided to trust and follow Jesus. Faith is an invisible, intangible thing that needs to be expressed in action. We can show people what they cannot see: that our faith is in Jesus. We must become a follower of Jesus Christ before we can think about being baptised. 

To find out more please download the attached pdf or and speak to one of the Church leaders.

Dedication (Christening)

At Waypoint Church we believe strongly in the amazing blessing and gift from God that children are. When a child is born it is a time for celebration and as a part of this we believe it is important to dedicate this new child back to God, for His protection and His blessing. Jesus Himself was taken to the Temple to be dedicated back to God by His parents. 

At Waypoint Church we follow the same model as found in the Bible to dedicate our children during a Sunday gathering as an act of worship. We do not ‘Christen’ (sprinkle with water), as we believe the act of Baptism (immersion in water) is for the child to choose for themselves at an age when they are able to make their own decision to follow Jesus.

If you want to find out more and explore having your child dedicated then please download the attached pdf or and speak to one of the Church leaders.