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Serving others is an important part of our DNA at Waypoint Church. Serving invites new people and experiences into our lives and is one of the greatest ways we live out our faith. There’s always a place for you to serve, whether in our church, our community or the world!


Being part of a serving team at Waypoint Church is a great way to devote your time and talents to the mission of Jesus. There are many ways you can get involved on a weekend or during the weekday.

Here are a few examples:

  • WayKids or Youth: Leader, Helper
  • Welcome Team: Usher, Greeter
  • Sound/Visuals Team: Setup, Audio desk, Lyrics
  • Worship Team: Vocals, Instruments
  • Hospitality Team: Catering, Baking

Click below to find out about current opportunities:


Loving others is at the heart of Jesus’ teaching. We want to partner with local organizations to connect the people of Waypoint Church with the needs in our community.


Waypoint Church is proud to support and partner with organizations across the globe.

As we serve those around the world, we strategically focus our efforts on three specific areas of need: spiritual poverty, relational poverty and resource poverty.

Contact us to learn more about the specific ways you can join us in serving the world. (Matt 28:19)