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As I am of a “certain age”, and have no family nearby, Waypoint Church people have become my family.

This has been so evident during the current lockdown. I’ve spent most of my life looking after other people—as a mother, as a carer of people with mental health problems, and as a leader in several different types of churches. So— I am revelling in the luxury of being positively coddled by my church family.

Let me see now?—-

One man who comes to church sometimes, did some minor repairs around the house then gutted my overgrown garden just before the lockdown, so it became more manageable, and I have grown lots of fruit and fresh vegetables, which I can share with others.

Two ladies each rang me every week when they were going to the shops and asked for my shopping list. Two other people in the church have picked up oddments when I needed them.

All of these often added treats—cakes, biscuits, flowers, even chocolates, to the delivery!

Garden produce: one lady who is in the church has sent me luscious strawberries in season; two of my neighbours responded to my letter offering help and prayer to them by bringing me home-grown vegetables, then cut the hedge and the grass at the back entrance to the garden! A man in the church regularly sends me his garden produce. Another neighbour has been giving me cakes and bread (just going out-of-date) from Marks&Spencers. A vet who is a member of our church has advised me on the care of my dogs and has picked up medication and delivered it to me. Another lady is my techy guru—as I am one of my generation who is definitely challenged in that area. My vocabulary now knowledgeably includes “Whatsap”, “Zoom”, “Youtube” etc.!

To cap it all—I am now in a “bubble” with a family who has two young children, and I have regular “play-dates” with them, which is a great joy!

Waypoint Church reflects a New Testament model. It is a community of caring and sharing. Somehow this generosity ethos has spilled over to my neighbours as I’ve shared items with them as well as others in the church.

Truly God has met “all of my needs with all of His abundant wealth through Jesus Christ”. Philippians 4:19