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My name is Robert, I was raised catholic by my grandparents, until recently well more like January time this year I dismissed all notions about religion and God. I am a military man and felt strongly as I blamed God for my losses both personally and professionally.

I met Amy and she told me about a service she was going to play at so I attended, this is where I met Jonathan and Jenny, the leaders of Waypoint Church. We talked and I was open and respectful to the things I was told but I am a stubborn man and still blamed God for my losses. I met with Jonathan and he explained about how the Father is different to my earthly parents and how he watches me and still looks out for me. I dismissed this and fought my opinion till I burst into tears. We discussed more and more about the Father and Jesus finally I agreed to meet everyone at church.

I attended Passport meetings and Church, I grew and grew in my understanding the Father and Jesus along with the Holy Spirit. I watched movies, I read the Bible, and listened to the music and I started to believe more and more that the Father truly loves me no matter how much I wanted to prove myself, or how much I still want to blame him for my losses. My Leaders and Amy never gave up on trying to expand my mind to see the way that a true Christian lives and breathes. I am still learning but I have moved away from my Church and my support, but I know I have their prayers and love as well as the Father. I have decades of learning to go and more tears and possibly even some bloodshed but I will learn and love my Father and Jesus because they belong to my heart.