Encountering the giver of good gifts

People came to Jesus with a need. A look at the story of Jairus, the woman with the bleed (Mark 5) and blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52).

Each of us today have come here with different longings and needs.
We may be able to put these into words or they may be an aching pain deep inside.
You may have come today like Jairus, feeling a bit out of place, unsure of how you will be received but knowing only Jesus can bring the miracle or healing, you may be hearing Jesus saying to you today “don’t be afraid; just believe”
You may have tried everything else like the woman with the bleed and out of desperation be reaching out to Jesus – Jesus’ response to you today is – “my daughter, my son” have peace and be freed from your suffering.
Or like our friend Bart, you may need to throw off what you have and trust in, and have faith in who Jesus is and take hold of something much better your deepest need being met.