Emmanuel (God with us) 1

Today is remembrance Sunday when we remember those who have died during wars and also those still suffering in war and through grief. For many great suffering either pushes someone towards God or turns  them against God. You hear the phrase ‘where was God when…’ Or maybe, ‘if God was one of us He may understand and do something’

How does it make you feel to know that Emmanuel  – God is with us; that God has become one of us in Jesus. He has experienced the harshness of life (Isaiah 53:2-6) and even faced and gone through the painful suffering leading to his death. Also no matter what you have gone through God has been there and seen it (Genesis 16).

He weeps when we weep (John 11:35-37). He gives peace into situations where there is no peace (John 16:33). He lifts our burdens and gives us rest. As in Matthew 11:28 – His invitation is ‘Come to me”.