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Road to Emmaus

The road to Emmaus shows us a journey two friends are on, how they have left Jerusalem in grief and disappointment. Then how they meet Jesus along the way, and how their conversation with him completely changes them. Their grief and disappointment turns to astonishment, excitement, faith and courage to turn around and return to […]

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Easter 2018

Have you ever considered for yourself what Easter is really about and if it is relevant for you? Have you thought about what his death releases you from and what his resurrection opens up to you? Jesus resurrection is so important and is life changing “25 He was handed over to die because of our sins, […]

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Palm Sunday 2018

Jesus chose knowing what was ahead of him to carry on into Jerusalem. He didn’t hide. He was a real man but also God. He was flogged then went to his death on the cross – a most excruciating death. But why did Jesus chose to die? What did He achieve and how does that […]

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